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Giving Healthcare Providers the Information They Need to Order an Intervention

Arrhythmia Detection and Cloud ECG Analysis

At Telemed Solutions, Inc., we design clinical, technologically superior medical devices and place them in the hands of caring medical professionals. Our advanced ECG analysis server and software allow for the most comprehensive arrhythmia detection and analysis approved by the FDA. Our system even works with pediatric patients and there are no contraindications that prevent the use of our system. We’re committed to getting physicians and their patients the information needed to inform an intervention.

Revolutionizing the Field of Cloud ECG Analysis

In the quest to improve arrhythmia detection and the quality of care available to patients with chronic cardiac conditions, Telemed Solutions, Inc. has been hard at work designing a leading-edge cloud ECG analysis solution. Our cloud ECG analysis system—the TM eCloud ECG Analysis System—is the most comprehensive on the market to-date.

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System includes an engine for individual heartbeat analysis, rhythm analysis for detecting arrhythmia, and sophisticated monitoring for heart rate variability. It allows for analysis of up to 18 different heartbeat types and 900 different rhythms, to not only improve the quality of arrhythmia detection, but to expedite a superior level of informed care. Through our system, both patients and physicians get the information they need to better-understand and manage cardiac conditions.

Hospitals, physicians, and scanning services can integrate with the TM eCloud Server to submit their ECG information to be prepared for analysis

Revolutionize Arrhythmia Detection

Our system isn’t just engineered to revolutionize cloud ECG analysis—it’s approved with no contraindications, and patients of any age can utilize our technology. To illustrate how safe, effective and intuitive our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System is, both our devices and the digital infrastructure that supports them have been used in the White House. It’s a testament to not only our technology, but the information, results and opportunities it offers. We’re seeking to revolutionize arrhythmia detection in a way that leads to more lives saved and a better quality of life for those living with chronic cardiac conditions.

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  • Our professionals have 25+ years of experience developing cardiology products
  • Our arrhythmia detection and cloud ECG analysis solutions are free of contraindications.
  • Our specialties are software development and embedded device design for devices.
  • Our platform is approved for monitoring patients with congestive heart failure.
  • We work in partnership with global companies; all products are made in the USA.!

The Leading Edge of Arrhythmia Detection

From heartbeat irregularities to cloud ECG analysis of the data, Telemed Solutions, Inc. seeks to revolutionize the practice of arrhythmia detection, diagnosis and intervention. Contact us today to learn more about our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System.

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