TM eCloud ECG Analysis System

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System from Telemed Solutions, Inc. is a platform for monitoring, collecting, managing and analyzing ECG data. It’s qualified to evaluate, detect and aid in the physician’s diagnosis of the following cardiac arrhythmias and/or conduction defects:

  • Symptoms caused by cardiac arrhythmia and/or conduction disturbances
  • Symptoms due to myocardial ischemia
  • ECG events that alter prognosis in certain forms of heart disease
  • Indirect pacemaker function and failure
  • Cardiac response to lifestyle
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Epidemiology and clinical trials
  • Heart rate variability in the assessment of heart disease

Our ECG analysis software—combined with a revolutionary machine learning ECG analysis algorithm—enables powerful insights that lead to informed action in the identification, diagnosis and intervention of arrythmia and other cardiac conditions.

Our ECG Analysis Software

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System consists of a server-side, application platform as a service (PaaS) cloud-based system, a desktop client-side application and a web-based physician portal.

  • The server-side, application PaaS component collects, stores, performs arrhythmia analysis on ECG uploads, and transfers data to and from the client-side application.
  • The desktop client-side application is a workstation system that allows technicians to review ECG, edit the analysis results and generate reports for the ECG study.
  • ST Segment measurements and changes
  • The results are customized as needed per practice and are uploaded to the server-side, application PaaS component. It also allows notifications and updates to the physician portal.
  • If a license is purchased for local installation, the TM ECG Analysis Sofware can process results and generate reports on a provider’s computer without recurring service fees.

Electrocardiography Ecg. Heart Lies On The Cardiogram
Male Doctor Using Stethoscope To Exam Middle Aged Female Patient In Hospital

Machine Learning ECG Analysis Algorithm

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System is capable of processing and performing arrhythmia analysis on 10 seconds to 60 days of recorded ECG, from one to 12 channels. The system is compatible with any stationary or ambulatory ECG device with the ability to export ECG, including Cardiac Mobile Telemetry, Event recorders and Holter recorders.

The purpose of the TM eCloud ECG Analysis System is to determine if any irregular rhythms, irregular beats, conduction defects or ST depression occurred during the monitoring period. Using information captured by the ECG, our machine learning ECG analysis algorithm is capable of analyzing up to 18 different heartbeat types and 40 different rhythms, to determine where symptoms of irregularities are present and their degree of severity.

A qualified physician can then use the results of the analysis report to determine what action needs to be taken to help the patient reduce or prevent the occurrence of cardiac events.

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Telemed Solutions, Inc. seeks to help physicians and patients get the crucial data needed to deliver potentially life-saving treatment to sufferers of chronic cardiac conditions. For more information about our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System, please contact us today at 909-628-8787.

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