TM eCloud Analysis Reports

Telemed Solutions, Inc. delivers cardiac event monitoring solutions that pave the way for robust data insights. Our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System is the gold standard for mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring, capable of capturing data from 10 seconds to 60 minutes at a time. Within these monitoring periods is a host of data that can better-inform physicians about the catalysts for arrythmia, the severity of cardiac complications and the parameters surrounding specific events.

Cardiac Event Monitoring

Through mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring, it becomes possible to see virtually every important variable that accompanies a cardiac event. The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System captures ECG data from one to 12 channels, to provide a complete picture of cardiac function, aberrations, diagnostic readings and much more. Some of the significant factors captured in our TM eCloud Analysis Reports include:

  • Beat annotations
  • Rhythm Annotations
  • ST Segment measurements and changes
  • AFib Burden
  • PVC Burden
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • QTc Interval Readings

The Cardiologist Holding And Review The Electrocardiograph Ekg Or Ecg Diagram Printed On Grid Paper
Doctor's Hands Hold Result Of The Cardiogram Next To Patient Sitting

Narratives Analysis Reports

Beyond raw data, our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System is capable of delivering narrative analysis of cardiac events. These include baseline narratives about specific arrythmias, as well as general analysis of heart function leading up-to and after an event. Narrative reports include:

  • Study Narrative Summary
  • Ventricular Narrative including VFib
  • Supraventricular Narrative including AFib Narrative

Integration Capabilities

Our digital interface not only allows for robust reporting of raw data and narrative-style analysis of cardiac events; it also paves the way for integration with broader medical technologies. Hospital, physicians and scanning services can all integrate with the TM eCloud Server, to submit ECG information for analysis. The result is a more comprehensive, clearer picture of cardiac data, leading to a better understanding of unique patient conditions.

TM eCloud Analysis Software can also be installed locally to perform analysis without the use of the platform as a service with a lifetime license, we encourage you to inquire for more details.

Enabling Life-Changing Insights for Physicians and Their Patients

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