ECG Analysis Benefits

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System from Telemed Solutions, Inc. is capable of processing and performing arrhythmia analysis with little-to-no human interaction in <30 minutes per 24 hours of ECG data. The system is capable of performing arrhythmia analysis on 10 seconds to 60 days of recorded ECG data, from one to 12 channels. It’s the ultimate tool for the acquisition, analysis, edit, review, report and storage of all ECG and multi-parameter data.

Through our powerful system, analysis isn’t just faster: it’s more accurate. Physicians and specialists get a complete picture of the data surrounding cardiac events and normal daily function, giving them the insights need to inform better intervention.

Non-Contraindicated ECG Analysis

Our system provides an interpretation of up to 12-channel ECG in all situations—including resting and ambulatory ECG—including Holter, cardiac event, and mobile cardiac telemetry. Moreover, it does so no matter the patient’s current health or preexisting conditions. Access to this level of non-contraindicated ECG analysis gives physicians the crucial insights necessary to more accurately treat cardiac patients—and improve the speed of life-saving critical care.

On Table Lies Stethoscope Cardiogram And Heart Sign
Ecg In Hand Of A Female Doctor

Improved Accuracy of Diagnosis

The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System improves diagnosis of commonly recognized ECG abnormalities, such as myocardial infarction (MI), acute MI, ventricular hypertrophy, abnormal ST-T changes, lethal arrhythmias, and common rhythm abnormalities. Given this data, physicians and specialists can make definitive choices that inform a better standard of care and a better quality of life for cardiac patients.

Pediatric ECG Analysis

Unlike other arrhythmia detection equipment that’s only approved for patients 18 and older, our system is FDA-approved for patients of all ages, from birth onward. The TM eCloud ECG Analysis System helps specialists identify cardiac complications earlier in a patient’s life, so they can take proactive action in mitigating them—or even alleviating future cardiac events altogether.

Cutting-Edge Solutions, for Better Patient Care

Telemed Solutions, Inc. seeks to help physicians and patients get the crucial data needed to deliver potentially life-saving treatment to sufferers of chronic cardiac conditions. For more information about our TM eCloud ECG Analysis System, please contact us today at 909-628-8787.

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